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AMC image

Shop Amc Landau Vinyl Tops

Replace the landau vinyl top on your AMC in quality Haartz material with fleece backing in the original Levant Grain Vinyl or aftermarket options like Elk Grain Vinyl.

Bentley image

Shop Bentley Landau Vinyl Tops

Restore the prestige of your Bentley with a beautiful new landau vinyl top that is made to factory original specifications and highest quality craftsmanship.

Buick image

Shop Buick Landau Vinyl Tops

Full and half style landau tops in original vinyl textures, colors and details for all Buick models with vinyl roofs so you can get a quality and long-lasting replacement.

Cadillac image

Shop Cadillac Landau Vinyl Tops

Restore your Cadillac to showroom glory with a replacement vinyl landau top made with precise patterns to fit your Cadillac’s full or half landau top. Original textures, seams and colors, with additional aftermarket options, as well.

Chevrolet image

Shop Chevrolet Landau Vinyl Tops

Full line of replacement vinyl tops for your Chevy with a landau roof in original Haartz quality Levant Grain vinyl that was used on Chevrolet vehicles.

Chrysler image

Shop Chrysler Landau Vinyl Tops

Factory style replacement landau vinyl tops for your Chrysler in original vinyls and colors, plus additional options.

Datsun image

Shop Datsun Landau Vinyl Tops

Full vinyl tops for your Datsun with a landau roof, so you can replace it with precision and ensure a perfect fit and original design.

Dodge image

Shop Dodge Landau Vinyl Tops

Original style replacement landau vinyl tops for your Dodge vehicle, in original colors and seams, so your Dodge will look as good as new.

Ford image

Shop Ford Landau Vinyl Tops

Highest quality vinyl tops for your landau style Ford vehicle in factory original Corsica vinyl material and showroom colors, plus additional options.

Lincoln image

Shop Lincoln Landau Vinyl Tops

Keep the signature look of your Lincoln’s landau top a shining asset with a brand new vinyl top made with factory original patterns, details, grains and colors.

Mazda image

Shop Mazda Landau Vinyl Tops

Full landau top replacements for your Mazda with a vinyl top in original colors of Levant Grain Vinyl, plus aftermarket options.

Mercury image

Shop Mercury Landau Vinyl Tops

Help get your Mercury landau roof looking great again with a replacement vinyl top made to fit like the original from the factory.

Oldsmobile image

Shop Oldsmobile Landau Vinyl Tops

Get your Oldsmobile updated with a new vinyl top to cover the old landau top and ensure it will fit to precision, look just like the original and last for years to come with one of our replacement Olds vinyl tops.

Plymouth image

Shop Plymouth Landau Vinyl Tops

Landau vinyl tops for your Plymouth, that are made with original patterns, grains, colors and details, so you can get your Plymouth landau roof back to factory glory.

Pontiac image

Shop Pontiac Landau Vinyl Tops

Your Pontiac deserves to look its best with a new landau vinyl top replacement, made to fit all Pontiac configurations with precise patterns and details.

Rolls Royce image
Rolls Royce

Shop Rolls Royce Landau Vinyl Tops

Restore the prestige of your Rolls Royce with a beautiful new landau vinyl top that is made to factory original specifications and highest quality craftsmanship.

Toyota image

Shop Toyota Landau Vinyl Tops

Toyota offered several models with landau vinyl tops and you can get a replacement vinyl top made to factory original designs and in original Elk Grain vinyl and colors.

Volkswagen image

Shop Volkswagen Landau Vinyl Tops

Replace the old vinyl top on your Volkswagen with a new landau vinyl top that is made to fit your VW just like the factory, with the same color, seams and grains. Aftermarket options available, too.

Volvo image

Shop Volvo Landau Vinyl Tops

Update the landau top of your Volvo with original colors of Elk Grain Vinyl in pre-cut vinyl top replacements.

Landau Tops are vinyl material applied to the outside of a car's roof to enhance its styling and appearance. Landau Tops became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but fell out of favor in the automotive industry until the concept was revived during the 1960s where many auto manufacturers added a vinyl top as a luxury trim option. For many makes, the vinyl landau top was a signature trim option, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, after which it fell out of favor.

Vinyl landau tops simulate the look of a convertible top, but the vinyl fabric is permanently fixed to the exterior metal roof of the car. The vinyl can cover the entire roof and rear quarter panels (full landau top) or just partially, with quarter, half and three-quarter top coverings making them reminiscent of early automotive town cars.

TopsOnline offers all factory-original (OEM)style vinyl landau tops, in factory-original cuts, stitches, materials and colors, as well as aftermarket alternatives if you want to customize your look. Start shopping today for the right vinyl landau top for your car and check out this helpful article with all the details you need to know when replacing your landau top.

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