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Chrysler Replacement Vinyl Tops

A popular feature on many vehicles, especially from the 1960's through early 1990's was to include a vinyl roof covering on the outside of the metal roof. This "landau" style roof was used on several Chrysler vehicles and your vinyl may be showing its age since it was driven off the lot decades ago. If this is the case for your Chrysler, then you can purchase a replacement vinyl top for your vehicle to restore it to its former beauty.

Chrysler offered both full and half landau top designs. The full tops had a vinyl roof material that started at the front roof near the windshield and went all the way to the back and down the side pillar posts. For half top designs, like are found on the LeBaron, New Yorker, Cordoba and 5th Avenue, the vinyl roof material did not start until midway at the car, over the middle (or B) pillar post and extends to the back pillars.

Original Material Textures

When released, Chrysler offered two material textures for their vinyl roof coverings. These replacement tops come in one or both of these textures, depending on what the original Chrysler offering for that year and model was. The two material textures are: Elk Grain Vinyl and Levant Grain Vinyl. For Chrysler Imperial and Reliant, only Elk Grain Vinyl is offered, since that was the only original material texture offered by Chrysler. For the Chrysler New Yorker, only Levant Grain Vinyl is offered. All other models come with both vinyl options. Both the Elk Grain and the Levant Grain are made by a Haartz and have a soft, fleece-lined backing.

Factory Original Fit and Details

All of the replacement vinyl landau tops offered by TopsOnline are made to factory original specifications, so you'll get the same style top that was originally offered by Chrysler, down to the details, stitches, cuts and textures. In earlier Chrysler models, landau tops came with two heat-sealed seams that ran along the roof of the vinyl top. They were stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so that the stitching was hidden. Around the late '70's and early ' 80's (depending on the model) Chrysler began using french seams on vinyl tops. The main difference with a french seam is that the stitching is not hidden, but showing on the top. Chrysler sometimes offered more than one stitching pattern on their vinyl tops with french seams, so be careful to note which seam pattern you would like to match and replace.

Thank you for shopping with TopsOnline and please let us know if we can help in any way. We are the "all around tops" expert, so you can trust that your purchase will fit like the original and look great for years to come.

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