Perfect Fit Patterns

Convertible top replacement and automotive upholstery and trim is not a One Size Fits All industry. And it shouldn’t be. Each year, make, model and trim can have differences that require adjustments in the pattern and the placement of seams, channels, retainers, bolt holes and more. The precision fit of a convertible top pattern will make all the difference in the finished look and long-term performance of your new top.

That’s why TopsOnline is picky in order to offer Perfect Fit Patterns. We thoroughly vet each of the products in our catalog to make sure that patterns are precise and accurate to the vehicle. We make meticulous distinctions between model years, trim packages and other quirks, like chassis variations, so we can confidently offer factory style replacements and aftermarket designed products that will fit with precision. With manufacturing standards like factory original templates and computerized cutting TopsOnline ensures that each product is consistently cut with exact patterns.

With TopsOnline, you’ll get a Perfect Fit, every time!


So let TopsOnline take the stress out of shopping for and purchasing a new convertible top, landau vinyl top, seat covers, headliner, interior and trim parts. We know you’ll be happy with your purchase and look forward to seeing pictures of your finished project.

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