Every soft top sold on TopsOnline comes with built-in savings. We are the leader in online convertible top sales so we have volume purchasing power that can’t be beat. This is the savings we pass along to our customers to keep our purchasing power strong.

With that said, there are also a few other ways you save money when replacing your convertible top with these cost cutting strategies that will get your convertible looking its best without a premium. One way to trim costs is to choose a budget material or plastic window. There are typically a variety of materials available for any given make and model convertible. They will vary based on thickness, vinyl vs. cloth, soundproofing and other factors, which gives you price point options when shopping. Choosing a material that is not as thick, or one that doesn’t have a high soundproofing quality is a quick way to save – sometimes hundreds of dollars.

When shopping with TopsOnline, we list all the fabrics available for a make, model and year and you can use the different fabric types to help you get into a price-point that you are looking for. We present a price range for each option, so you can get an idea of which materials will give you the best value. Also, some convertible owners are surprised to find that sometimes the factory-original cloth may be the most economical option. This is because aftermarket options may be higher quality or with better materials, so you can sometimes get a factory-original material and still save money.

Click through to your make/model to see what options exist for your convertible.

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