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Shop Amc Weatherstripping

Ready to install weatherstrips for your AMC vehicle made with precise templates and of quality materials.

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Shop Bmw Weatherstripping

Made to fit BMW weatherstrips that are sold in kits or individual parts, so you can keep your interior looking great and protected from wear and water.

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Shop Buick Weatherstripping

Replace your Buick weatherstrips with our convenient kits or individual weather seals.

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Shop Cadillac Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping kits or individual weather strips for Cadillac model vehicles, made of quality materials and with precise templates.

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Shop Chevrolet Weatherstripping

New weather strips for your Chevy vehicle, designed with CAD templates and CNC milled, for a perfect seal and replacement.

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Shop Chrysler Weatherstripping

New replacement weather seals, convertible roof rails and trunk seals for your Chrysler.

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Shop Dodge Weatherstripping

Perfect fit replacement weatherstrips for your Dodge, made with CAD and CNC molds.

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Shop Ford Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping kits for Ford vehicles, plus individual seals, made with quality materials and precise templates, so you can get a perfect all weather seal.

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Shop Lincoln Weatherstripping

Lincoln year and model specific weatherstrips and weatherstripping kits for a quality seal and perfect fit.

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Mercedes Benz

Shop Mercedes Benz Weatherstripping

Perfect compression and seals for your Mercedes with our replacement weather strips, to help you keep your investment going strong.

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Shop Mercury Weatherstripping

Kits to replace your weatherstripping seals on your Mercury vehicle, made to model and year specifications.

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Shop Oldsmobile Weatherstripping

Weatherstrips for Oldsmobile vehicles with a precision fit and quality materials to get your Olds a tight seal wherever it needs it.

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Shop Plymouth Weatherstripping

Plymouth weatherstrips for even compression and seals. Sold in kits or individual seals and made for model-specific fit.

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Shop Pontiac Weatherstripping

Seal up your Pontiac with our quality and precision fitting weatherstripping kits and individual seals.

Weather seals are what is used on the seams of openings like the convertible top frame, doors, windows and trunks to keep the elements (namely water and air) out of a vehicle and the interior air inside the vehicle, keeping your vehicle dry and minimizing road noise. Weather seals fills gaps and seams in your vehicle and also help to separate parts. Since weather seals come in strips, they are sometimes called "weather stripping" or"weather strips" and serve the same purpose.

When shopping for weather seals (a.k.a. weather strips) you can purchase kits that will help you replace the seals on the entire section of the vehicle (like convertible top frame weather strips) or individual seals for one specific location. With convertible cars there are several seals that are needed for soft top convertible cars. These include the left and right-side rail seals along the convertible top frame, the header seal (front of the frame), pad seals, the rear bow seal, trunk seal, convertible top well (tonneau-lid) cover seals, molded door seal pairs (left and right), pillar post seals (left and right at the windshield), window vent seals and quarter window seals (left and right). These convertible top seals will help create a smooth and snug seal around the edge of the convertible top frame and the body of the vehicle.

Some weather seals are applicable to hard-top vehicles (not convertibles). Specifically the door seals and trunk seals. TopsOnline also carries carries some windshield window gaskets which seal the glass of your windshield to the body of the vehicle and are applicable to all vehicles.

Weather strips sold by are made of the highest quality and come with a 15-year replacement warranty. They are made using the latest CAD and CNC technology that will create a smooth look and feel, free of exposed cells or flaws, as well as have proper 3D contouring for a fit that will do the job for years to come. They meet or exceed OEM standards and provide even compression due to micro-closed cells for quality and durability.

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