TopsOnline receives unsolicitated remarks and clients are kind enough to share feedback on our products and service. Here’s a sample of appreciated remarks.

Douglas Masucci
"I purchased a new convertible top from TopsOnline to replace the one in my Chrysler Crossfire after the window came loose from the convertible top material. I worked with an installer directly and had the top shipped to them for installation. The process was seamless and the new EZ ON convertible top fits like a glove."

Mark Sandrin
"I ordered seat covers (which were in stock and arrived within about five days) and tore one during the installation. (It was my fault, not theirs). I emailed to inquire how much for a single cover since they only show complete sets for sale on their website. TopsOnline replied and ask that I send a photo of the damage to see if they could repair it instead of purchasing a new one. After reviewing the picture, he asked me to ship it to him so he could have the damaged piece repaired. I shipped it back, they repaired it and re-shipped to me within 1 or 2 days of them receiving it - AT NO COST TO ME!!! I was completely ready to pay for a replacement due to my error and TopsOnline went out of his way to help me out. I would buy from them again and am certainly recommending them to my friends."

Philip Kruger (South Africa)
"I am truly impressed with the superb quality of your products. Your attention to detail is astounding."

Jeff Roberts
"Thanks JoAnna and Vic for walking me through my convertible top options and answering my questions. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I'm very pleased with the appearance of the Miata after the new-top installation."

Randy Murphy
"Over and over Vic at TopsOnline.com has been raved about from forum members and there's a good reason why, the leathers look and fit exactly like factory. SUPER high quality workmanship and materials."

Joe Littlejohn
"Got the boot on Vic and it looks so much better than that old black one did. The fit is very good and snug. I like the way you added just a tad of material to the little pockets behind the seats that cover up the convertible frame corners. They look very nice, a smooth finish and went on very easy. All in all my friend I am very pleased with your work. Well done. You have my recommendation for high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and fast courteous customer service. Five stars. Please feel free to use my name in your advertisements anytime."

Eric Woollums
"These guys stand behind the products they sell. Ordered a top almost 3 years ago from TopsOnline.com and the other day I noticed a seam coming apart, sent them a couple pics and I had a new top sitting at my door in less than a week. No hassle customer service is rare these days. Thanks again for taking care of your customers!"

Stanley M. (UK)
"Vic, I wanted to thank you for all your help with my questions, The quality of the covers is excellent, the confusion arose because the original covers had not been made with a foam fabric bonded to the leather. In my mind that makes your covers better than the originals. My trimmer who works for Rolls Royce tells me he has never fitted a better after market seat. Thank you once again"

Boone W. (OK)
"Dear Vic. I can't say how grateful I am to you for helping me out of a tight spot! I had ordered a new top to replace the original on my 99 Mazda Miata which had a 6"x6" hole, but put off installing it for a few weeks while finding the time to do so. I can only assume someone who saw the box in my garage felt they needed it more than I did and took it, leaving me staring down the cold reality of having to drop another $480 for another one. You totally stepped up when you didn't have to and cut me a very generous deal on a replacement, and I am blown away at the level of your customer support! Not only do you have the best deals of any other seller online, but I couldn't ask for better help in what would otherwise have been a dark day! Bless you sir!"

Tim C. (PA)
"Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. You guys are fast! I ordered a convertible boot for my 1997 Celica. You were great to deal with. Thanks again"

Rick K. (PA)
"I would just like to make everyone aware that I am extremely satisfied with Topsonline's product,but even more with the excellent customer service. I had recently purchased a 1972 350sl and it was in bad need of new carpet. I went on line looking for somewhere to purchase a quality product at a reasonable cost. Topsonline provided both. Not knowing much about mercedes cars I depended on their customer service for help. They came through with flying colors. Without out their assistance and concern for me as a customer, I would have not been able to aquire the proper cut and color for my vehicle. The staff went even one step further and sent me pictures of how the carpet looked originally to assist with the installation.I would highley recommend Topsonline's company to everyone. Use them,you couldn't go wrong. Thanks Vic and staff"

Theresa H. (FL)
"Want to thank you for the boot. My husband LOVES it, how well it fits, and how great it looks. Good Job!"

Michael D. (AZ)
"Hello Vic.... I just wanted to thank you personally and let you know how pleased I am with the top, headliner and boot I purchased from you. Beautiful fit and finish, looks just like factory! This 1990 Jaguar XJS is my personal car. Great advertising for your tops and the services we provide! I will be calling you soon to order a top for one of my customer's cars, a 1971 Mustang. Keep up the great work!"

Doug A. (Australia)
"Gidday Vic, I just wanted to let you know that I just received my soft (rag) top a few minutes ago. Checked everything and it's all there, so once again from the 'land-down-under, thanks for the great service mate! Hope you have a good day! Yours Sincerely,"

John G. (Australia)
"Wow thanks, good old fashioned service online!"

Michael E. (FL)
"Hi Vic: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product you delivered. I installed it during the last 2 days and was impressed how precise it had been cut and sewed. The leather is exactly the color champignon I needed for my vehicle. If I can leave a feedback please let me know."

John E. (FPO)
"Vic, Wanted to provide you feedback. Received the top last week, thanks a lot. Your professionalism and communication as well as a fair shipping and handling charge are examples to the industry and Exemplifies great business practices in general. Thanks for providing this to me overseas and supporting our men and woman serving our government overseas. I will definitely provide recommendations to utilize your company to all who inquire how to purchase a new top and who to purchase it from. Thanks Once Again."

Jay H. (MD)
"I've installed the top I purchased from your company and I must say that I'm very impressed with the workmanship. The fit is excellent and the instructions were most helpful. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your business to my friends who are looking for a new top."

ED L. (Australia)
"Hi Vic That was a quick reply! Quicker than I expected, living up to your reputation indeed. I will let you know when I get it, should be fine I think. It is the Post Office that is dodgy here. Couriers are fine, never had anything gone missing with them. Thanks! Cheers"

Calvin T. (GA)
"Hey vic, just wanted to say thanks for the great service, cheap prices, and fast shipping. We got the top installed and it looks great. I will be sure to recommend your site to all my other miata buds in the atlanta area."

Jeano B. (FL)
"Dear Mr. Moses, The top I ordered came in record time. It was perfect and is now on my car. I thank you so much for the prompt shipping and what appears @ this time to be a quality product. After a lot of research and many estimates yours price was the best.I have friends who are antique and classic car collectors and I will definitely recommend your company to them. Best regards"

Dave B. (New Zealand)
"Just for your information the hood has now been fitted by a local upholsterer (as it happens a keen vintage Ford V8 man) and he has not only done a great job, but said that it was a really well made hood, better than he could have managed himself. Not bad, from a man with a top reputation locally. Thanks again Dave (a VERY satisfied customer!)"

Cheryl H. (WI)
"my new top arrived and it's AMAZING!! my car looks like new and I love it! Thanks so much!!"

Pamela D. (CT)
"Hello to everyone at "Tops", Please let me say right now: YOU ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!! SO HONEST, & CONSIDERATE, I'll not forget this, or you! As you probably already know is that most people/dealers might not have been so terrific. They might have simply taken my money, sent me the wrong item, & said "so long & too bad". I have had this happen before! I truly am a little shocked! Thanks again for everything! Sincerely, Pam"

John R. (FL)
"I would like to write a nice review for you. I installed this top myself with a few basic tools. Razor knife, Drill with bits, Rivet gun w with (6) 3/16 long rivets, weather adhesive, double face tape, digital camera (to review). One day installation and clean up. I have never installed a convertible top before nor am I mechanically inclined. I received est. of 2500.00 give or take a few bucks. I called the list in my area for professional installed installation. Avg. 500.00 dollars. Due to my economic position I could not afford this price either. This top fits and looks like a brand new factory one inside and out, better than the factory. (Baggy in area's from factory). I would like to say I am completely satisfied with the top and I am glad I purchased this product from your company. Not only the best price and best service, but this tops fits perfect I mean perfect. I am completely surprised at the appearance to say the least. We purchased this Volvo C-70 new in 2004 and I usually don't keep cars this long, however due to the economy and the fact that this vehicle only has 38000 miles we have decided to keep it. Thanks Again"

Marc S. (Canada)
"Hi Vic....I just wanted to thank you for the seat covers and the intro to Raoul at Classic Auto. He said he always uses your products when he wants the very best! In any event I am delighted! Thanks again....Marc"

Carlos N. (CA)
"I can't thank you enough for your help you're truly a great help. What else do you sell in case I need something else for my car, I rather go to you a TRUE professional!! Thanks."

Ray K. (CA)
"Received it this afternoon. Your service is simply Awesome!!"

Michele C. (IN)
"Beautiful! It is on and looking so good. Really improved the looks of my beautiful 1991 Miata.. I did have a vinyl top on and wanted the canvas. It went on well, looks really great.....Thank you for a nice product."

Dean S. (IN)
"TO: TopsOnline- I got delayed trying to install my first ragtop because of 2 consecutive knee surgeries. The top is on and looks great! This is my 5th convertible so I will keep you in mind for future purchases. I am an auto-tech. and I had no basic problems at all. Thanks Again."

Jan L. (Sweden)
"Hi!!! My name is Jan L. and i live in Sweden... I just want to express my satisfaction with my new top that i bought from your company... The car is a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Convertible and i bought the top a year ago, the 13th of Apr 05... The fit is perfect and the material seems to be of very good quality... Thanks and brgds."

Ray D. (TN)
"You were great in helping me with this problem, and if I can send any comments on your behalf to anyone, or act as a reference for you, I would be pleased to do so. Best wishes,"

Rick R. (AZ)
"Vic, Just want to let you know I am really enjoying my new top. THANKS!"

Mike & Marsha A. (MI)
"We love our new convertible top - it looks great!"

Burnd S. (Australia)
"Hi Vic, I did receive the goods about 1 week after your dispatch in good order and last week I installed the new headliner. It was a little more difficult than I anticipated, but with careful notation of all steps (removal of the old liner) and some common sense, the installation worked out very well. It looks great, I am very happy with the result and your service. Kind regards"

Lee T. (NJ)
"Hi Vic I just finished installing my new headliner and dash cap and I couldn't be happier with everything. The dash cap just snapped into place and fit perfectly as well as the headliner. THANKS for a great product...."

P. Adler
"Just a note to thank you all especially Vic, for your guidance and help. I couldn’t have done it without you!"

L. Hayes
"Thanks TopsOnline for your product of great quality! Thanks to you, we changed the top on our car and now it looks fantastic. We are proud to drive it now!"

Jim K., Syracuse, NY
"Thanks for making this great new top for my car. My neighbor and I installed it on a warm Sunday afternoon. Anyone can do it, just be patient and he prepared to reposition it several times until you get the perfect fit. TopsOnline made this top and shipped it to me within 2 weeks. Now my wife and I can enjoy our 79 MG B three seasons out of the year here in beautiful Central New York!"

Michael S.
"Bought a top for my daughters mustang and the quality of the top and the corresponding DVD was great. That and I had a few questions before the order and after while I was installing and the staff was so friendly and fast in answering. Without the DVD I never could have done this myself but with it, it made it quite approachable. Top looks great and I saved at least 1000k."

Ken S. (Canada)
"Just a quick note to say that I received the order last week and everything looks great! I was pleased to see it was very well packed. I just finished installing the new upholstery in my 560SL and it looks fabulous."

Ken S. (Canada)
"It's been a few months, but just a quick note to let you know the new upholstery in my 560SL is fantastic and looks great after its first conditioning with Lexol ... Also here are a few pics of the new top and boot cover on my 68 Mustang...I'm really pleased with both."

Craig P. (PA)
"I placed an order through TopsOnline.com a couple months ago for my Honda Beat. It was the black cloth Robbins top with optional glass window. I have since installed it and absolutely love the top."

D.P., Washington
"Thank you for doing everything within your control to get my new boot on time completing my 68 AMC Rebel SST for our local 45th annual Vintiques NW National car show."

GP, Canada
"A great big thanks to the Tops Online team for your outstanding service. I ordered my top last Friday from Montreal and received my order today Monday at @ 1pm . Thank you for recommending to go with FedEx. You both make a wonderful team in delivering great service. Exceeded my expectations. Cannot wait to see the new top on my 88 bmer when I pick it up from my installer. Thanks again and stay well."

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