Convertible Top Window Bond Technology

The single biggest point of failure on a convertible top is the window bond. In the past (and still today when you buy an inferior top) windows would separate from the back curtain of the convertible top and cause the top to seperate, leak or fall and need replacing. Not only is that costly, but it’s also inconvenient.

Ready for some good news? Every single replacement convertible top offered on TopsOnline guarantees their window bonds. Our soft tops are made with the best (and sometimes even patented) window bonding technology using robotic and computer controlled production, so you can have peace of mind that your investment is made with the highest quality and will not lose its window bond over time. Want more details?

Glass Windows

All of the glass windows offered on TopsOnline on first run, full width glass that is DOT rated for safety and durability. Our safety-rated tempered glass is the first ingredient of a quality replacement convertible top. For vehicles where heated defroster glass was offered, we carry factory-style replacement glass as originally equipped and with embedded defroster wiring and electrical connectors that will connect to your existing wire framing.

Plastic Windows

All of the plastic windows offered on our replacement convertible tops are DOT safety rated heavy gauge press polished plastic. They offer distortion free, clear visibility that is the best quality available for vinyl windows. Each window is precision cut by computer-aided technology for a consistently produced plastic window made for each year, make, model and trim’s exact measurements.

Window Bonds

Window Bonding Systems will vary by manufacturer, but the bottom line is this: we only offer replacement convertible tops where we are sure they are manufactured with window bonds that are not going to delaminate, separate, leak or fall out. You can shop with ease, knowing that these bonds are guaranteed.

Window bonding techniques will vary by the model and year and whether the window is glass or plastic, but they will all use computer aided manufacturing and specially formulated adhesives to provide lamination of the convertible top material to the window for the longest lasting, secure hold. Each manufacturer has their own method for creating a secure seal that is durable and aesthetically true to original design.

Many of our windows are bonded with a specially designed internal support ring which the material is wrapped around and then secured to the window glass using military grade, specialized adhesive that will withstand heat variation and stress over time. Tops for earlier models may have material wrapped around an internal support structure for the same effect.

The bottom line is that each convertible soft top offered on TopsOnline is a top you can trust to perform and retain it’s window bond. Now it’s time to shop from the best selection and best prices for a trustworthy, beautifully produced replacement convertible top.

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