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Pontiac Bonneville, Catalina & Executive - 1963 thru 1980
1963 through 1980 Models
Pontiac Firebird & Trans-Am - 1967 thru 1981
1967 through 1981 Models
Trans Am
Pontiac Grand Am - 1973 thru 1975
1973 through 1975 Models
Grand Am
Pontiac Grand Prix - 1965 thru 1987
1965 through 1987 Models
Grand Prix
Pontiac Grand Ville - 1971 thru 1974
1971 through 1974 Models
Grand Ville
Pontiac GTO - 1966 thru 1972
1966 through 1972 Models
Pontiac LeMans & Tempest - 1966 thru 1977
1966 through 1977 Models
Pontiac Phoenix - 1977 thru 1979
1977 through 1979 Models
Pontiac Ventura & Ventura II - 1967 thru 1977
1967 through 1977 Models
Ventura II

Pontiac Replacement Vinyl Tops

Many of Pontiac's vehicles during the 1960's through the 1980's had vinyl tops over their metal roofs. These landau top styles came in full and half designs. The full landau tops covered the entire roof and back the pillar posts and the half tops only started the vinyl mid-way down the roof and down the back pillar posts. Some Plymouth models only offered full landau tops (like the Tempest, Star Chief, GTO, LeMans, Executive, Firebird, Granville, Grand Am, Astre, Sunbird, Parisienne and 6000) and others offered both.

Factory Original Style and Details

These replacement vinyl tops are made to original patterns and specifications for a precise fit and look as the originals. The seams on Plymouth vinyl tops came in two designs: one is stitched seams on the edges of the roof that are then folded over so the stitching is hidden and heat-sealed and the other is double stitched french seams that are left exposed. Each model's replacement top will match the original stitching used. Most of the french seams will be found on mid-70's to early 80's models. Pontiac offered two grains of vinyl for their tops, so each of our tops comes in a choice of these textures: Elk Grain Vinyl and Levant Grain vinyl. They are made out of a quality Haartz vinyl that is fleece backed.

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