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Bentley Landau Vinyl Tops


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Bentley Brooklands, Eight, Mulsanne & Turbo R - 1980 thru 1999
1980 through 1999 Models
Brooklands Standard Wheel Base
Brooklands Long Wheel Base
Eight Standard Wheel Base
Eight Long Wheel Base
Mulsanne Standard Wheel Base
Mulsanne Long Wheel Base
Turbo R Standard Wheel Base
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Bentley T1 & T2 4 Door Saloon - 1966 thru 1980
1966 through 1980 Models

Landau Tops are vinyl material applied to the outside of a car's roof to enhance its styling and appearance. Landau Tops became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but fell out of favor in the automotive industry until the concept was revived during the 1960s where many auto manufacturers added a vinyl top as a luxury trim option. For many makes, the vinyl landau top was a signature trim option, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, after which it fell out of favor.

Vinyl landau tops simulate the look of a convertible top, but the vinyl fabric is permanently fixed to the exterior metal roof of the car. The vinyl can cover the entire roof and rear quarter panels (full landau top) or just partially, with quarter, half and three-quarter top coverings making them reminiscent of early automotive town cars.

TopsOnline offers all factory-original (OEM)style vinyl landau tops, in factory-original cuts, stitches, materials and colors, as well as aftermarket alternatives if you want to customize your look. Start shopping today for the right vinyl landau top for your car and check out this helpful article with all the details you need to know when replacing your landau top.

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