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Lincoln Continental & Continental Mark Series - 1966 thru 1983
1966 through 1983 Models
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Lincoln Replacement Vinyl Tops

One of Lincoln's signature looks was a landau style vinyl top covering the roof on their Continental and Versailles models. The vinyl roof came in both full landau styles (covering from the front windshield all the way across the roof and down the back pillar posts) to half landau styles (which started the vinyl at the midpoint and went down the back pillar posts). This signature style was used well into the 2000's with the continued popularity of the Lincoln Continental.

We offer replacement vinyl tops for Lincoln models with all the specifications that came from the factory, so you can get a replacement that looks and fits like it was from the factory. This includes the fabric, which has the original Corsica Vinyl texture made with a quality Haartz fleece-backed vinyl that is a reproduction of the original fabric used. The seams on the top match the original designs from the factory and your new top will restore your Lincoln's vinyl roof to it's showroom glory.

TopsOnline offers all the variations that were offered by Lincoln for their vehicles. Especially when shopping the vinyl tops for the Continental, you'll see that as the vehicle years change, so do the stitching types (from hidden stitches that are heat-sealed to exposed double french seams) and also options for full and half tops, different editions like Mark II, V and VI, town, sedan, limousine and stretch limo options. Each top will fit the specific measurements and original features of that model's type.

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