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Toyota Celica - 1971 thru 1976
1971 through 1976 Models
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1968 through 1976 Models
Toyota Corona & Mark II - 1966 thru 1976
1966 through 1976 Models
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Toyota Crown - 1969 and 1970
1969 through 1970 Models

Toyota Replacement Vinyl Tops

Toyota used landau tops on several of their vehicles during the late ' 60's and into the ' 70's. They were all full landau tops, where the vinyl covered the entire roof and down the back pillar posts. These replacement vinyl tops come with all the same details as from the factory, so you can do a replacement that looks just like the original. The seams run along the sides of the roof and are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed so the stitching is hidden. They also come in the same original texture, Elk Grain Vinyl made on a quality Haartz fleece backed fabric.

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