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Ford Fairlane - 1963 thru 1970
1963 through 1970 Models
Ford Falcon & Futura - 1963 thru 1970
1963 through 1970 Models
Ford Galaxie, 500 & 500XL - 1963 thru 1974
1963 through 1974 Models
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Galaxie 500XL
Ford Granada & Ghia - 1975 thru 1980
1975 through 1980 Models
Granada Ghia
Ford LTD, LTD Crown Victoria & LTD II - 1967 thru 1991
1967 through 1991 Models
LTD Crown Victoria
Ford Maverick - 1970 thru 1977
1970 through 1977 Models
Ford Mustang - 1964 thru 1981
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Ford Pinto - 1971 thru 1978
1971 through 1978 Models
Ford Ranchero - 1966 thru 1979
1966 through 1979 Models
Ford Thunderbird - 1961 thru 1982
1961 through 1982 Models
Ford Torino & Gran Torino - 1968 thru 1976
1968 through 1976 Models
Gran Torino

Replacement Vinyl Tops

Landau tops were very popular in the mid-20th century and Ford used vinyl tops in many of the vehicles in their lineup during that time period. Landau tops are simply vehicles that have metal roofs which are covered with vinyl on the outside. They can be full landau tops (with vinyl all the way from the front windshield to the back trunk and down the side pillar posts) or can be partial landau tops (like the half tops that started midway down the roof and went down the back pillars). Ford models with half vinyl tops include: Thunderbird, Torino, Futura, Granada and Crown Victoria. All of these models also offered a full landau top, as well.

Factory Original Material, Texture and Colors

The standard texture for Ford vehicles was Corsica Vinyl and all of our replacement vinyl tops come in this texture. It is made in a Haartz vinyl fabric that is fleece backed and high-quality. If you are looking to replace your top with an exact color match, our team can help you determine which color to order. Simply look at the trim package sticker that is either found in the glove compartment or the driver's side pillar post for the trim code. You can snap a picture or email us the code and we'll match it up with the exact color for your new vinyl top.

Factory Original Style Replacements

All replacement vinyl tops are made to original factory workmanship, measurements, features and standards, so you can trust your replacement will fit and look like the original. In Ford models, tops will come in one of two kinds of stitching, depending on what was originally offered from the factory. One stitch type has two seams running along the sides of the roof that are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so the stitching is no longer visible. The other stitch type is a french seam, which is double stitched with the stitching showing on the top of the top. You'll notice that in models like the Crown Victoria, there are different french stitched seam options that vary based on where the stitching is located.

One thing to note when ordering replacement vinyl tops for Ford is to be mindful of the deck width for some models. Namely the Thunderbird, Galaxie, Falcon, Fairlane, LTD and Torino. Each of these models comes with a new vinyl top option that will fit different deck widths. Deck width is easy to measure. Find the side seams that run down the roof and at the midpoint of the body, measure from one seam to the other. Some models, like the Ford Custom, will need you to measure the width and length, so you'll also measure from the front windshield to the back windshield, right down the midline (center) of the roof. All deck options are clearly called out for each model, but if you have questions, then our TopsOnline Customer Service team is happy to assist you.
Another thing to note with some Ford models is the different body styles that the new tops are made to fit. They are made specific to the model and this even includes different body styles, like 2-door and 4-door, sedan and wagons and fastbacks and coupes (like with Ford Mustangs). Some unlikely Ford models even have vinyl roof coverings, like the Ford Truck and Ford Van.
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