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Datsun 1200 & Sunny 1200 - 1970 thru 1974
1970 through 1974 Models
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Datsun 240Z & Fairlady Z - 1971 and 1972
1971 through 1972 Models
Fairlady Z
Datsun 510 & 1600 - 1968 thru 1973
1968 through 1973 Models

Datsun Replacement Vinyl Tops

Datsun, a division of Nissan since 1936, is known for their compact and economical vehicles. They were produced through 1986 to focus more on their core brand, Nissan. Although the Datsun brand was revived in some countries, they are not a mainstream car in the American market. Several models of Datsun automobiles came with vinyl roof tops, also called landau tops, and were simply a vinyl material covering the top and pillar portions of the car. All Datsun landau tops are full tops, so they cover the entire metal roof from the front window to the back pillar posts. This includes the PL620 pickup.

Factory Original Cut and Details

If your Datsun is showing its age, you can give it a facelift by installing a new vinyl roof covering using these factory-original replacement tops. These replacement landau tops are made with factory original patterns, stitches, designs and materials so you will get a new top that looks just like the original when professionally installed. Datsun vinyl tops were designed with seams running down each side of the roof. These replacement tops model that same design with side stitching that is stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed so the stitching does not show. The material offered is Levant Grain Vinyl which matches the original vinyl used by Datsun. It is made by Haartz, a leader in automobile fabrics, and is fleece backed.

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