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Convertible Tops & Accessories

1983 thru 1994 Suzuki Samurai, Santana, SJ410, SJ413 & Sierra Convertible Tops & Accessories

Convertible Tops & Accessories:1983 thru 1994 Suzuki Samurai, Santana, SJ410, SJ413 & Sierra

Factory style replacement Top cover, attaches with plastic extrusions and snaps as original. Rear side windows are Heat-Sealed to the Top (no Zipper), Rear center window has Zipper on each side, rolls up and is secured with Velcro straps. Top Cover fits both Left Hand & Right Hand drive models.

This convertible top for the Suzuki Samurai, Santana, SJ410, SJ413 & Sierra fits the 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 model years.

  • Utilizes sturdy automotive grade fabric, DOT approved vinyl windows, mildew & mold resistant, and UV treated for color fastness. sealed seams for climate protection, strength-tested industrial thread and zippers to provide years of durability.

Convertible Top With Clear Side & Rear Windows - 5 year warranty

This top will only fit Regular size bed model which has total of 5 Snaps on the rear side window panel as shown in the picture below, will not fit Long Bed model. Requires factory original hardware for installation.

  • Bestop is the original equipment manufacturer for this model & uses original weight Denim Vinyl & original gage Plastic window materials. Pavement Ends is Bestop?s budget line, made with slightly lighter weight Denim Vinyl & Plastic window materials.

:1983 thru 1994 Suzuki Samurai, Santana, SJ410, SJ413 & Sierra

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Pavement Ends Brand
Top With Side & Rear
Clear Window
Bestop Brand
Top With Side & Rear
Clear Window
::SUV Denim Black Vinyl Black Denim Vinyl $185.00   $279.00  
::SUV Denim White Vinyl White Denim Vinyl $185.00   $279.00  
Here is what TopsOnline customers are saying...

Dear Vic. I can't say how grateful I am to you for helping me out of a tight spot! I had ordered a new top to replace the original on my 99 Mazda Miata which had a 6"x6" hole, but put off installing it for a few weeks while finding the time to do so. I can only assume someone who saw the box in my garage felt they needed it more than I did and took it, leaving me staring down the cold reality of having to drop another $480 for another one. You totally stepped up when you didn't have to and cut me a very generous deal on a replacement, and I am blown away at the level of your customer support! Not only do you have the best deals of any other seller online, but I couldn't ask for better help in what would otherwise have been a dark day! Bless you sir!

- Boone W. (OK)

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