Care of Your Convertible Top

Installation: TopsOnline recommends that convertible tops and convertible top products be installed by a professional Automotive Upholstery and Trim Shop. These professionals have years of experience along with the proper tools and know-how to properly install your new convertible top and related products.

Care Immediately Following Installation: Once you have had your new convertible top product installed, be sure to leave your convertible top in the UP position. We recommend leaving it in the UP position for a minimum of one week in warmer climates, and a minimum of two weeks in colder climates; regardless of the material with which your convertible top is made.

This is very important, because, as a convertible car ages, the convertible top frame also ages. This can lead to changes in the linkages and joints, which means that the convertible top frame will not have the exact same alignment as when your convertible car was new. Leaving the convertible top and glass or plastic window in the UP position, after installation, will allow the convertible top time to adjust, relax, and become "seasoned" on the convertible top frame.

How to Prolong the Life of Your New Convertible Top: The following tips will help your new convertible top last longer. Some of these may seem like common sense, but we highlight these tips and tricks in order to help you maximize the value of your investment.

Cleaning Your Convertible Top

Cleaning Convertible Top Plastic Windows: Convertible top plastic windows should be cleaned regularly. Hose or blow off loose dirt and dust; do not leave loose dirt or dust on the plastic window, otherwise you risk scratching your plastic window during the cleaning process. Use plain water, or a mild soap in water. Apply the water or soapy water with a soft cloth, and gently clean the window. Be sure to wipe up/down or side to side. NEVER wipe in a circular motion, as this can damage the convertible top plastic window. Never use abrasive brushes when cleaning a plastic window, as this can scratch the window.

Additionally, we recommend that you consider using a convertible top plastic window glaze. This will clean and polish the window, will remove very fine scratches, and also adds a level of UV protection. (Please note: this will only remove very fine scratches, not minor, moderate, or worse scratches.)

Cleaning Convertible Top Glass Windows: Convertible top glass windows should be cleaned regularly. Use a water based glass cleaner only. Take care when cleaning a Defroster/Heated Glass Window, so that you do not scratch the defroster lines or wires. Also be sure not to break or damage the defroster power source connecting wire. Finally, take steps to be sure that cleaner does not drip into heat seals or seams.

Cleaning the Convertible Top Material: We recommend hand washing convertible tops and convertible top products. Convertible tops made in Vinyl can be cleaned using Vinyl cleaners. Cloth convertible tops can be cleaned using mild soap and water. If you live in a hard water area, using a water softener so that the water feels slippery, as this will better clean your convertible top. Raggtopp makes a high quality vinyl convertible top cleaner, and also a high quality cloth convertible top cleaner; Raggtopp is also recommended by Haartz, the manufacturer of convertible topping materials.

Car Washes: Car washes will not generally harm your convertible top, however, we recommend hand washing instead. Most importantly, NEVER allow a car wash to apply spray wax to your convertible top. This can damage the convertible topping material, and can ruin your convertible top plastic or glass window.

Other cleaning tips include:

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