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1952 thru 1955 Triumph TR2 Roadster
1952 through 1955 Models
TR2 Roadster
1955 thru 1957 Triumph TR2, TR3 & Early TR3A Roadster
1955 through 1957 Models
TR2 Roadster
TR3 Roadster
Early TR3A Roadster
1957 thru 1963 Triumph TR3A & TR3B Roadster
1957 through 1963 Models
TR3A Roadster
TR3B Roadster
1960 thru 1970 Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Sports Six, 1200 & 13-60
1960 through 1970 Models
Sports Six
1961 thru 1965 Triumph TR4 Roadster
1961 through 1965 Models
TR4 Roadster
1962 thru 1967 Triumph Spitfire 4, Mark I & Mark II Roadster
1962 through 1967 Models
Spitfire 4
Mark II Roadster
Spitfire Mark I Roadster
Spitfire Mark II Roadster
1965 thru 1967 Triumph TR4A Roadster
1965 through 1967 Models
TR4A Roadster
1967 and 1968 Triumph TR250 (TR5 Europe) Roadster
1967 through 1968 Models
TR250 (TR5 Europe) Roadster
1967 thru 1969 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Roadster
1967 through 1969 Models
Spitfire Mark III Roadster
1969 thru 1976 Triumph TR6 Roadster
1969 through 1976 Models
TR6 Roadster
1970 and 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Roadster
1970 through 1971 Models
Spitfire Mark III Roadster
1970 thru 1977 Triumph Stag MK I & MK II Roadster
1970 through 1977 Models
Stag MK I Roadster
Stag MK II Roadster
1971 thru 1980 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV & 1500 Roadster
1971 through 1980 Models
Spitfire Mark IV Roadster
Spitfire 1500 Roadster
1979 thru 1982 Triumph TR7 & TR8 Roadster
1979 through 1982 Models
TR7 Roadster
TR8 Roadster

TopsOnline offers Triumph Convertible Tops for sale. Triumph TR3 Convertible Tops can be hard to find; the Triumph TR4 Top and the Triumph TR6 Top Cover are also rarer parts to come up with when restoring your Triumph Convertible. But we carry convertible tops for all model years of Triumph Convertibles. To get started shopping, simply click the appropriate link above, and you'll find great convertible tops for Triumph Convertibles.

This British car manufacturer has been producing vehicles since the 1800s, starting with bicycles. Owned by the BMW Group as of 2012, the Triumph convertible top has been a mainstay of the British automotive scene for decades.

One of the most popular Triumph soft top models throughout the years has been the Triumph Spitfire convertible top, a two-seater sports car which was first introduced in 1962. This icon of 1960s British automotive styling was a small, sporty, fun car meant to compete with the Austin-Healey Sprite. The Triumph Spitfire soft top was a strong seller for nearly 20 years until the model's demise in 1980.

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