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1961 thru 1963 American Custom, American 400 & American 440
1961 through 1963 Models
American Custom
American 400
American 440
1964 and 1965 Ambassador 990 & Classic 770
1964 through 1965 Models
Ambassador 990
Classic 770
1964 thru 1967 American 440 & American Rogue
1964 through 1967 Models
American 440
American Rogue
1966 Ambassador 990 & Classic 770
1966 Model
Ambassador 990
Classic 770
1967 and 1968 Rebel 550 & Rebel SST
1967 through 1968 Models
Rebel 550
Rebel SST

The Rambler convertible top began as a brand name of the Thomas B. Jeffery Corporation, and was later used by Nash Motors, then American Motors Corporation. Rambler soft top cars were collectively named Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" in 1963, but a combination of economic forces and poor management decisions led to the brand being discontinued domestically in 1969.

The Rambler name is most closely associated with the Nash Rambler and the Rambler Ambassador convertible top, which was the flagship model of the line under American Motors Corporation. The Rambler Classic convertible top was a mid-sized car split off from the Ambassador and positioned as an economical and reliable Rambler soft top.

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