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TopsOnline offers MGB Convertible Tops for sale. The MGB Replacement Hoods (Tops) we offer are available in factory original colors and materials. If you are looking for MGB Parts for sale for your MGB Convertible, you will find all of the MGB Convertible Tops here will meet your needs. And if you need assistance with MGB Convertible Top Installation, our Installer page can help as well.

In 1952 the makers of the Morris and Austin car manufacturers created the British Motor Corporation (BMC) which would make history as the heart of British classic car production. BMC (then BMH) earned its place in automotive history when it produced the MGB starting in 1962, featuring the stylish MGB soft top, also known as the MGB hood.

Beloved by enthusiasts and collectors, the MGB convertible top was produced at the legendary Abingdon Works plant, up until it was closed by Margaret Thatcher in 1980 as part of the British initiative to privatize public works. The MGB was one of the most popular cars ever produced, and the MGB top is definitely part of the cart's sporty appeal.

In fact, because the MGB is so plentiful and easy to repair, it is considered one of the most affordable collector's cars even today. The MGB top often shows its wear with time, but we have many options for replacing MGB tops available.

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