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1956 thru 1960 MGA Roadster
1956 through 1960 Models
1961 and 1962 MGA MK II Roadster (Mark 2)
1961 through 1962 Models
MK II Roadster (Mark 2)

TopsOnline offers MG Convertible Tops for sale. If your MG Soft Top is worn out, tearing, or badly faded, you can purchase a new MG Convertible Hood (Top) from us. We offer factory original colors and materials. Get your MG Convertible Top here!

The MG MGA soft top was a British sports car produced by MG from 1955 to 1962. Available in two forms, a roadster and a coupe, the replacement MGA convertible top ushered in a new design era for MG, providing a clean break from the pre-war past.

Both the original MGA roadster and the MGA Mark II roadster were based on a design originally created several years prior to the model's launch. The first prototype of the MGA convertible top was designed with sleek, clean lines in mind. The MGA was more than just a pretty face, however. The replacement MGA soft top turned out to be a powerhouse on the road, and did quite well in the racing world.

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