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1961 thru 1966 Lotus Elan Sprint S-1 & 1600 S-2 Roadster
1961 through 1966 Models
Elan Sprint S-1
1600 S-2 Roadster
1967 thru 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint S-3 & S-4 Drophead
1967 through 1972 Models
Elan Sprint S-3 Drophead
Elan Sprint S-4 Drophead
1989 thru 1995 Lotus Elan M100 Roadster
1989 through 1995 Models
Elan M100 Roadster

TopsOnline offers Lotus Convertible Tops for sale. Do you need to replace your Lotus Elan S2 Soft Top? We have plenty of colors to choose from. So, if you are thinking about replacing your Lotus Soft Top, click above to see the many Lotus Tops we offer.

The Lotus Elan soft top began production in the 1960s as a roadster, replacing the Lotus Elite. The Lotus Elan pioneered the use of the innovative steel backbone chassis, paired with a forward-thinking fiberglass body to reduce weight. The earliest replacement Lotus Elan convertible top model only weighed 1,500 pounds, and was nominated "Top Sports Car of the 1960s."

The Lotus Elan convertible top also became known as the stylish choice of Emma Peel on the popular British show The Avengers. One of the design inspirations for the Mazda Miata, the 1960s replacement Lotus Elan soft top is still considered a pinnacle of automotive design today.

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