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1940 thru 1942 Lincoln Zephyr 2 Door Convertible Coupe (6 Passenger)
1940 through 1942 Models
Zephyr 2 Door Coupe (6 Passenger)
1949 Lincoln Series 9EL Baby Convertible (Not Cosmopolitan)
1949 Model
Series 9EL Baby (Not Cosmopolitan)
1949 thru 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 2 Door Convertible Coupe
1949 through 1951 Models
1952 thru 1955 Lincoln Capri 2 Door Convertible
1952 through 1955 Models
1956 and 1957 Lincoln Premiere 2 Door Convertible
1956 through 1957 Models
1958 thru 1960 Lincoln Continental MK-III, MK-IV & MK-V 2 Door Convertible
1958 through 1960 Models
Continental MK-III, MK-IV & MK-V
1961 thru 1963 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Convertible
1961 through 1963 Models
1964 and 1965 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Convertible
1964 through 1965 Models
1966 thru 1968 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Convertible
1966 through 1968 Models

TopsOnline offers Lincoln Convertible Tops for sale. If you need to replace your Lincoln Mark 3 Top, for example, you have found the right place to shop. Lincoln Tops offered by TopsOnline include a 6-year warranty, so shop for your Lincoln Convertible Top now.

The Lincoln Motor Company is a luxury brand division of Ford, specializing in high end cars including the popular Lincoln soft top models. Lincoln was founded by a former manager at Cadillac, and has often been positioned to directly compete with that market. The Lincoln convertible top has been an option available on several models, including the Lincoln Cosmopolitan and the Lincoln Club Coupe.

The Lincoln Continental soft top was originally designed in 1939 by Edsel Ford as a one-off car for a vacation trip. Since then, the Continental name has been used off and on throughout the years. The Lincoln Continental convertible top was often used as the flagship Lincoln, although the Town Car took over that role in the 1980s.

For general convertible top care and cleaning tips, please click here. For helpful convertible top diagrams, please click here.

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