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1977 thru 1991 BMW Baur, TC, TC2 3-Series (E21 & E30 Body)
1977 through 1991 Models
Baur TC 3-Series (E21 Body)
Baur TC2 3-Series (E30 Body)
1986 thru 1993 BMW 318i, 320i, 325i & M3 (E30 Body)
1986 through 1993 Models
318i (E30 Body)
320i (E30 Body)
325i (E30 Body)
M3 (E30 Body)
1989 thru 1991 BMW Z1 Roadster
1989 through 1991 Models
Z1 Roadster
1994 thru 1999 BMW 318i, 323i, 325i, 328i & M3 (E36 Body)
1994 through 1999 Models
318i (E36 Body)
323i (E36 Body)
325i (E36 Body)
328i (E36 Body)
M3 (E36 Body)
1996 thru 2002 BMW Z3 & M Roadster (E37 Body)
1996 through 2002 Models
Z3 Roadster (E37 Body)
M Roadster (E37 Body)
2000 thru 2003 BMW Z8 Alpina Roadster (E52 Body)
2000 through 2003 Models
Z8 Alpina Roadster (E52 Body)
2000 thru 2006 BMW 323ci, 325ci, 330ci & M3 (E46 Body)
2000 through 2006 Models
323ci (E46 Body)
325ci (E46 Body)
330ci (E46 Body)
M3 (E46 Body)
2003 thru 2008 BMW Z4 Roadster (E85 Body)
2003 through 2008 Models
Z4 Roadster (E85 Body)
2004 thru 2010 BMW 630i, 645ci, 650i & M6 (E64)
2004 through 2010 Models
630i (E64)
645ci (E64)
650i (E64)
M6 (E64)
2008 thru 2014 BMW 128i & 135i Cabriolet (E88 Body)
2008 through 2014 Models
128i Cabriolet (E88 Body)
135i Cabriolet (E88 Body)
2011 thru 2018 BMW 640i, 650i & M6 (F12)
2011 through 2018 Models
640i (F12)
650i (F12)
M6 (F12)
2015 thru 2021 BMW 228i, 230i, M235i & M240i (F23 Body)
2015 through 2021 Models
228i (F23 Body)
230i (F23 Body)
M235i (F23 Body)
M240i (F23 Body)
220i (F23 Body)

TopsOnline offers BMW convertible tops for sale in original A5 German Sonnenland cloth, as well as other materials like Haartz Twillfast and Haartz Stayfast cloth. Whether you need a 318i Convertible Top, a 325i Converible Top, an M3 Convertible Top, or an E30 Convertible Top, we offer all the replacement convertible top parts, materials and colors you need to make your BMW convertible like new and rule the road.

BMW has a long history of manufacturing quality automobiles worldwide. In the United States, their modern popularity can be traced back to the oil crisis of the mid-1970s. The consumer market became interested in more compact, efficient cars that delivered a powerful kick in addition to decent gas mileage. The BMW convertible added even more bang for the buck!

The BMW Z3 roadster debuted in the James Bond movie "GoldenEye," and was later included in the Nieman Marcus Christmas catalog, which skyrocketed the car to stardom. Awards from the automotive press have proclaimed the BMW Z3 to be top of the line, including Top Gear's "Driver's Car of the Year" and Automobile Magazine's "Design of the Year" awards. You can replace your Z3 convertible top with factory original materials to make it catalog worthy again. Don't worry if you are working on a budget because TopsOnline offers multiple materials that can save you money on your Z3 convertible top replacement and also offers a private label option that saves you hundreds compared to national brands without inferior quality. We offer replacement convertible tops for other BMW roadsters like the Z1, Z4 and Z8.

The BMW E30 is one of the stars of BMW's line. This award-winning model has been in continuous production from 1982 to 1994. The BMW E30 convertible top debuted as an option in the 1987 model year, and proved to be a successful addition to the line. We offer a complete set of replacement options for the E30 convertible top, with original German canvas and colors, and plenty of aftermarket options for those BMW owners on a budget or just looking to change up the look of their convertible.

For general convertible top care and cleaning tips, please click here. For helpful convertible top diagrams, please click here.

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