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BMW is one of the world?s most recognizable and well-respected auto manufacturers. The BMW convertible top models have proven particularly popular through the years, starting with the 3/15 DA-2 BMW soft top, which was originally produced in 1929.

The BMW Z3 soft top is BMW?s first roadster. It debuted in 1996, and was prominently featured as one of James Bond?s vehicles in the hit movie ?GoldenEye.? The Z3 was designed based on the E36 platform, and gradually beefed up over subsequent model years.

The BMW E30 is described as ?legendary? by some, and ?cream of the crop? by others, the E30 is widely considered the benchmark by which all other sports sedans are measured against. The prestigious and popular BMW E30 convertible top option appeared in the E30 line in 1987 with the 325iC.

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