Better Off Dead Camaro
Image copyright "Better Off Dead"

Q: Remember that awesome black Camaro John Cusack drove in “Better Off Dead”? What ever happened to that car?

A: Some cars are inextricably entwined with the movies they starred in, and vice versa. For many car enthusiasts over a certain age, the thought of a classic Chevy Camaro will always bring to mind the black Camaro featured in the 1985 hit John Cusack movie “Better Off Dead.”


This dark comedy (I imagine it will be a long time before we get another comedy about teen suicide) uses the black Camaro as a symbol of Cusack’s character’s despair and inability to improve his lot in life. Cusack continually finds himself up against a pair of other street racing enthusiasts, and continually fails to be first off the line. His classic car shows its age; rust spots, dust, scuffs, and a surprising lack of performance.


Until Monique, the foreign exchange student, steps in to help. Her mechanical wizardry brings Cusack’s Camaro back to its original glory, just as her friendship literally gives Cusack’s character a reason to live.


But have you ever wondered what happened to the car featured in the movie? Unlike famous horses, Camaros don’t get sent out to stud. This particular Camaro changed hands several times, and – ironically, given its role in the movie – was pretty well battered by the passage of time and indifferent owners. Until one True Fan tracked it down, bought it, and lovingly restored it. 


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