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Years ago I worked an entry-level call center job alongside someone who drove a BMW. Every once in a while someone would express surprise that he could afford such a prestigious car, given the fact that we were all making the same – very small – amount of money.

When pressed, he would sheepishly admit that “If you’re willing to get one without a turbo, you can pick them up pretty cheap, like half the cost of a turbo model.” It was something of a ruse, but a successful one: most people never noticed that his ride wasn’t turbo-powered.

That’s the same ethos behind this list of “Ten Cheap Cars That Make You Look Rich.” The list is interesting, and given what I have seen in the used car market lately, very accurate. With the caveat being that an older car may only be “cheap” in terms of sticker price. You may end up having to sink a lot of cash into repairing and restoring older vehicles. But the rewards, both financial and emotional, can really make it worthwhile.

Notable on the list include these TopsOnline favorites:

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