Previously we introduced you to two new EZ ON Convertible Top Window Systems: the EWP Window System, and the SGR Maxbond Window System, that offers a lifetime warranty on the bond between the window and the glass.  Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at the SGR Maxbond Window System, and why it’s an excellent choice when seeking a replacement window for your convertible.


Quick Review: EZ ON’s New Window Systems

The leader in convertible top manufacturing, EZ ON Auto Tops has made a major breakthrough in the technology of window bonds for replacement convertible top windows.  Using a proprietary process and highly advanced technology, EZ ON incorporates a composite ring mechanically attached to the convertible topping material.  This ring is then structurally bonded to the window, creating a window system so advanced, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty!




EZ ON SGR Window SystemWhat is the SGR Maxbond Window System?

SGR refers to the Structural Ring which is incorporated into the Maxbond Window System.  While the SGR Maxbond system shares the same highly advanced, technically precise construction process with EZ ON’s EWP Window System, the SGR Maxbond Window System is designed to present a smooth, clean edge.  This allows the SGR Maxbond Window System to match the OEM look and feel of many convertible models whose original convertible top windows shared this same smooth-edged finish.

EZ ON Auto Tops knows just how important the original look and feel is to our customers.  By creating a version of the new EZ ON window system which has this smooth, clean finish, EZ ON is able to create replacement windows that have a near-perfect match to the original window edge.

And most importantly, the window bond that comes as part of the SGR Maxbond Window System is one that is guaranteed to never fail.  EVER.


For what models is the SGR Maxbond Window System available?

The SGR Maxbond Window System is currently available on convertible top windows made by EZ ON for the Ford Mustang, Nissan 350Z, and VW Beetle.  Many more models will be available in Q1 of 2012, including the Audi A4 and Porsche Boxster.  To find out if the SGR Maxbond Window System is available for replacement convertible top windows for your car, visit, or contact our team.