Chrysler Sebring convertibleThe original Chrysler Sebring was introduced in 1995 as a new midsize coupe in Chrysler’s line-up. The convertible and the standard Sebrings were only distantly related – the standard Sebring was closely related to the Mitsubishi Galant, whereas the convertible launched in 1996, and was built on Chrysler’s own platform. To quote, Edmunds, the Chrysler Sebring convertible "brought class, dignity and a bit of luxury to this otherwise whimsical segment."


The second generation Chrysler Sebring was produced from 2001-2006, and again used separate platforms for each body style. The second generation convertible Sebring was redesigned, and shared most of its sheet metal with the sedan.


The third generation of Chrysler Sebrings was launched in 2007. Initially, Chrysler did not produce a convertible Sebring during these years, instead carrying forward the 2006 Sebring convertible through 2008. The 2008 convertible was for the first time available in an optional hardtop, in addition to the standard cloth and vinyl tops which had been offered since the early years.


We offer replacement convertible soft tops for all three generations of Chrysler Sebrings: 1996-2000 (which came with a two-piece style top, meaning that you can buy a top and window, or just buy only the top or only the window as needed), 2001-2006 (ditto), and 2007-2010 (in this model, the glass window stays on the car and attaches to the new convertible top).