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1996 thru 2000 Chrysler Sebring JX, JXI & Limited
1996 through 2000 Models
Sebring JX
Sebring JXI
Sebring Limited
2001 thru 2006 Chrysler Sebring GTC, JR, LX, LXI & Limited
2001 through 2006 Models
Sebring GTC
Sebring JR
Sebring LX
Sebring LXI
Sebring Limited
2007 thru 2010 Chrysler Sebring LX, Touring & Limited
2007 through 2010 Models
Sebring LX
Sebring Touring
Sebring Limited

The Chrysler Sebring has enjoyed considerable popularity over the years due largely to the Sebring convertible top. The Sebring is one of a very small list of mid-sized, reasonably priced cars to be available as a convertible, typically a luxury reserved for sports cars or more expensive model lines.

The Chrysler Sebring convertible top is perhaps one of its best features. In many ways the Sebring has been outclassed in terms of performance or available options. But time and again, buyers chose the Sebring for its convertible option. The Sebring may not be the most refined or the highest performance car, but when you drop the Sebring top on a sunny afternoon, who cares?

Since most Sebrings are a ?daily driver? car, Chrysler Sebring convertible top replacement is often in order after a few years. This is a car that is out and about in all kinds of weather, not leading a sheltered life snug inside a garage most of the time. Sebring convertible tops will often need replacement at some point, but we offer a variety of materials and price points to suit your needs.

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