1960 Corvette
Photo courtesy Flickr/mak506

Of all the convertible car tops out there, 99% of them belong to one of three styles:


1. One-Piece Top

Most European convertibles (including BMW, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat) are shipped from the factory with a one-piece top. In a one-piece top, the entire convertible top is one piece, including the top and the window.


These tops can only be replaced as a whole.


2. Two-Piece Top

American cars through the late 1990s and a few other foreign models (including Toyota and Saab) feature a two-piece top. The top is one piece, and the window is a separate piece which has convertible top material attached to it.  This allows you to replace either the top, the window section, or both pieces.  Once the installation is complete, the top and the window together look like a one-piece top.


We sell just the window, just the top, or both the window and the top together so you have the most options when you want to replace your convertible top.


3. Top Only

A few European car models (including VW and Jaguar) have a top that features a glass window which was designed to be removed and re-used. In these cars, to complete the installation the window has to be removed from the old top and installed in the new top.