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Seat Covers (Factory Style)

1997 thru 2004 Porsche 986 Boxster & Boxster S Seat Covers

Seat Covers (Factory Style):1997 thru 2004 Porsche 986 Boxster & Boxster S

Factory style replacement Seat Covers. Manufactured in U.S.A. to factory specifications and workmanship. Made with Original Porsche Leather, 100% fit guarantee and includes 5 year warranty. Seat Covers fit both Left hand & Right hand drive models.

These set of replacement Seat Covers are hand crafted for the Porsche (986), Boxster & Boxster S and fits the 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 model years.

  • Original Leather Lined with high density foam as original, factory style Perforation & Seams.
  • Leather Seat Covers are made with ALL Leather (Not Leather & Vinyl combo).

Replacement Front Seat Cover Options - 5 year warranty

Fits 1997 thru 2004 models. We only use Original Porsche Leather to make these covers. Other colors & custom covers can be made, please inquire. Color Note: Cocoa color was used in 2004 S Special Edition model only, rest of the colors were used 1997 thru 2004 models.

  • Front Covers kit includes, 2 front Cushion covers, 2 front Backrest covers (4 pieces).
  • Important Seat Heater Note: If original seat covers equipped with Heaters you can either send your covers to us to install Heaters on new covers (No additional charge) or needs to be transferred by installer during installation. If you are planning to send your covers please include a message in the message box during checkout.

:1997 thru 2004 Porsche 986 Boxster & Boxster S

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Style # 1
Regular Seat
Front Seat Cover Kit
Style # 2
Supple Seat
Front Seat Cover Kit
Style # 3
Sport Seat
Front Seat Cover Kit
::Porsche Leather Black 917 Black Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Graphite Grey 971 Graphite Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Space Grey 975 Space Grey Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Metropol Blue 976 Metropol Blue Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Savanna Beige 970 Savanna Beige Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Cinnamon Brown 980 Cinnamon Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Boxster Red 974 Boxster Red Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Brown 924 Brown Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
::Porsche Leather Cocoa 982 Cocoa Porsche Leather $1,159.00   $1,219.00   $1,339.00  
Here is what TopsOnline customers are saying...

I ordered seat covers (which were in stock and arrived within about five days) and tore one during the installation. (It was my fault, not theirs). I emailed to inquire how much for a single cover since they only show complete sets for sale on their website. TopsOnline replied and ask that I send a photo of the damage to see if they could repair it instead of purchasing a new one. After reviewing the picture, he asked me to ship it to him so he could have the damaged piece repaired. I shipped it back, they repaired it and re-shipped to me within 1 or 2 days of them receiving it - AT NO COST TO ME!!! I was completely ready to pay for a replacement due to my error and TopsOnline went out of his way to help me out. I would buy from them again and am certainly recommending them to my friends.

- Mark Sandrin

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