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Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals)

1996 thru 2002 BMW Z3 & M Roadster (E37) Convertible Rubber Weatherstrips

Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals):1996 thru 2002 BMW Z3 & M Roadster (E37) Convertible

These are brand new Genuine OE BMW factory weather seals.

BMW 1996 thru 2002 Z3 & M Convertible Top OEM Weather Seals

All BMW weather seals listed below are Genuine BMW parts. Weather seals are sold per piece (each). Fits Left & Right hand drive models.

:1996 thru 2002 BMW Z3 & M Roadster (E37) Convertible

Weather Seals
Front header Rubber seal with A pillars $513.00  
Left side front Rubber seal $80.00  
Right side front Rubber seal $80.00  
Left side middle Rubber seal $63.00  
Right side middle Rubber seal $63.00  
Left side rear Rubber seal $146.00  
Right side rear Rubber seal $146.00  
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