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Landau Vinyl Tops

AMC Concord - 1978 thru 1982 Landau Vinyl Tops

Landau Vinyl Tops:AMC Concord - 1978 thru 1982

Factory style replacement Vinyl Landau Tops. OEM Design: Landau Tops are made with the highest quality Haartz Vinyl Roof Topping materials.

These Landau Tops fit the 1978 thru 1982 AMC Concord. The patterns are fitted, not universal, meaning they are specific for the vehicles noted here in each table.

  • Warranty Info: Our Landau Tops come with 5 Year warranty; details are available on our warranty page.

1978 thru 1982 AMC Concord (2 Door Sedan/Coupe & 4 Door Sedan) - Factory Style Full or Half Landau Top

Landau Top Details: 2 Door Sedan/Coupe Model Half Top made with two heat-sealed seams (one seam along each side) as original. 4 Door Sedan Model Made with two heat-sealed seams (one seam along each side), includes A-Pillar Vinyl & below rear window Valance Vinyl as original. Material Note: These vinyl tops are made with Haartz fuzzy backed vinyl Top material.

  • Important Notes: This is the replacement ready-made Vinyl Landau Top cover only, does not include any Molding, Clips or Foam padding, must re-use all the Moldings, Clips & Foam which are currently on your car or purchase them separately.
  • These are fitted (not universal) Landau Tops and will only fit the 1978 thru 1982 2-Door Sedan/Coupe Half Top & 4-Door Sedan Full Top Concord model years. Other colors can be made, please inquire.
  • Please Read: We offer Elk Textured Vinyl for this model. If you’re not sure what color to order please ask for sample swatch to avoid returns and restocking fees.

:AMC Concord - 1978 thru 1982

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Factory Style Half Landau Top
for 2 Door Sedan/Coupe
Factory Style Full Landau Top
for 4 Door Sedan
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Black S-848 Black Elk Vinyl $177.00   $177.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk White S-8936 White Elk Vinyl $177.00   $177.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Bright White S-9753 Bright White Elk Vinyl $177.00   $177.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Almond S-7391 Almond Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Buckskin S-828 Buckskin Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Dk- Briar Brown S-7688 Dk. Briar Brown Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Autumn Maple S-7384 Autumn Maple Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Garnet Red S-8746 Garnet Red Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Lt- Sapphire Blue S-8964 Lt. Sapphire Blue Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Med- Dk- Royal Blue S-7686 Med. Dk. Royal Blue Elk Vinyl $247.00   $247.00  
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