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Convertible Tops & Accessories

1967 thru 1994 Porsche Targa 911, 912, Carrera 2, 4 & SC Convertible Tops & Accessories

Convertible Tops & Accessories:1967 thru 1994 Porsche Targa 911, 912, Carrera 2, 4 & SC

We offer 1967 thru 1994 Front original style Targa Skin only to Re-Cover existing Targa shell, we also offer 1967 thru 1969 original style Rear Targa Plastic window section.

This top cover for the Porsche 911, 912 Targa Carrera 2, Carrera 4 and Carrera SC fits the 1967 thru 1994 model years.

  • All the seams are Heat-Sealed. All Convertible Top materials are mildew & mold resistant, and UV treated for color fastness. The plastic windows are DOT rated heavy 40-gauge thick vinyl. No sewing is required.
  • Warranty Info: EZ ON & Robbins brands come with 6-year warranty and includes (18) months labor allowance from purchase date. You can read detailed warranty information on our warranty page.

Replacement Targa Top & Window Options - 6 year warranty

We offer EZ ON brand & Robbins brand Top options, both brands are used by professionals, and are known for quality workmanship & precision tailored craftsmanship. Other colors can be ordered, please inquire.

  • Front Targa Cover: Made by Robbins Auto Tops, we offer Original Targa Vinyl cover & Haartz Stayfast Cloth cover.
  • Rear Targa Plastic Window Section: Made by EZ ON Auto Tops, fits factory Convertible model only. We offer Original Targa Vinyl rear window section & Haartz Stayfast Cloth rear window section.

:1967 thru 1994 Porsche Targa 911, 912, Carrera 2, 4 & SC

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. For 1967 thru 1994
Front Targa Cover Only
Made By Robbins
For 1967 thru 1969
Rear Targa Window Only
Made By EZ ON
::Porsche Targa Black Vinyl Black Haartz Targa Vinyl $152.00   $327.00  
::Stayfast Haartz Black Cloth # 848 Black Haartz Stayfast Cloth $219.00   $435.00  

Replacement Targa Headliner - 6 year warranty

Made with Original Black foam backed cloth material.

Headliner Cover
1967 thru 1994 Porsche Targa Black Foam Backed Headliner $49.00  
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I've installed the top I purchased from your company and I must say that I'm very impressed with the workmanship. The fit is excellent and the instructions were most helpful. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your business to my friends who are looking for a new top.

- Jay H. (MD)

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