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Mazda does a great job of uniting fun and reliability and their answer to a convertible vehicle is one of the most successful of all time. With the release of the Miata MX5 (also known as the MX5 Eunos), drivers could get an affordable convertible roadster experience that was great fun to drive. The RX7 was the less popular convertible prelude to the Miata, but still had great features.

The Miata remains one of the most popular of the roadsters, a class of small, sporty two-seaters, typically with rear wheel drive, high performance, and a lot of flair. Whenever the weather turns nice, Miata tops are dropping all over the world.

The Miata's surprising success after its launch led to legendary national wait lists for the car that could be months, even years long. But it was worth the wait, as most Miata top owners can attest. The Miata soft top has been called "perfect."

The Mazda Miata top also sets it apart from the competition, as this is one of the few cars for which the soft top was originally the default body style. If you don't want a Miata convertible top, you have to order the optional hard top at an additional price.

If your Miata MX5 (Eunos) or RX7 has some miles and your convertible top is not performing like it used to (leaking, sagging, fading, etc.) or just needs a facelift, then TopsOnline can help you replace your old top. We also offer headliners and boot covers for Miatas and RX7s convertibles. Under "Convertible Tops & Accessories" you can also find replacement cables, top rain rails, tonneau covers and installation videos (streaming or DVD) for Miata's. Our expert team is happy to help you determine what you need to get your Mazda convertible looking and working its best.

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