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The Geo Tracker debuted in 1989 as one of the first compact SUVs, a twin to the Suzuki Samurai. The Geo Tracker top was available as a convertible right from the beginning, which helped cement its reputation as a fun vehicle both off-road and on. As one of the few 4x4s available to the everyday market at the time, the Geo Tracker soft top was as likely to be dropped for a trip to the grocery store as it was for an off-road expedition.

Geo Tracker tops proved to be as easy to use as they were fun. And this sturdy little car differed from the competition from the ground up: unlike most other compact SUVs at the time, it was built on a light truck frame. This gave it even more durability over choppy terrain.

In later model years, the Tracker and the Suzuki Samurai drifted farther apart. As the Samurai was succeeded by the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Tracker was re-branded as the Suzuki Vitara. Meanwhile, the Tracker top remained in production, although by that point it had been re-branded as the Chevy Tracker. The Tracker tops design also received an update in 1995 which made their operation even simpler.

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