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Buick is one of the world's oldest car brands currently in production, and is the oldest active American car brand. The Buick convertible top has been featured on Buick cars since the earliest days, when it appeared on the Special Phaeton soft top and Buick Century soft top models

In the 1950s and 1960s Buick was one of America?s most popular luxury brands. Buick convertible top models of the era were as large as they were popular, and featured a variety of classic styling cues, from fins to Ventiports meant to mimic the look of a fighter jet.

Sales of the Buick luxury convertible models peaked in the 80s in America, but have surged ahead in China. Over a third of all Buicks sold worldwide are sold in China, where it is the most popular car model in both hard top and Buick soft top versions. Buick is still doing well in America, however, and was recently tied with Jaguar in a J.D. Power and Associates study as the most dependable brand in the United States.

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