Pontiac Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips are essential for your Pontiac to stay in top working condition. They perform the important task of separating parts and sealing the gaps between parts, particularly where they open and close, like the doors, windows, trunk and convertible top. Weather strips are sometimes called weather seals, since they are sealing the vehicle from the elements, like water, wind and debris.

When your weather strips are old, they often show signs of wear by tearing, cracking, breaking apart and losing compression and pliability. When these things happen, moisture, air and noise can more easily get inside the vehicle, so you will want to replace your weather stripping. You can simply replace the strips that are in need of repair by purchasing the individually sold weather strips for that part of your vehicle. However, if you find that the strips overall are not cushioned to the feel and springy to the touch, then you may want to replace all the seals with that issue and purchasing a weather strip replacement kit can give you more value for your project since they contain multiple strips to repair the seals in one section of your vehicle, like the ones needed for a convertible top.

Quality is an important part of your decision when purchasing new weather strips. You want them to be free of all bumps and to use factory-original specifications so they properly fit your Pontiac model and year. All of the weather strips sold by TopsOnline meet or exceed OE standards and also come with a 15-year replacement warranty. They use CAD designs and CNC mills for a contoured 3-D fit. They have micro-closed cells with help give even compression and pressure so they can be trusted for a tight seal for years to come.

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