Plymouth Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips are something you might not think about until they aren't doing their job, which is keeping air, dirt and water out of your vehicle at it's seams. If your weather strips are too old you may notice an increase in road noise, a draft inside your vehicle, even when it's closed up or worse, water and moisture inside your car. Weather strips, also known as weather seals (since they are sealing the gaps in your car) are found at the doors, windows, windshield, trunk and along the frame and top well of your convertible top.

If you find your weather strips are in need of replacing, then you can purchase the individual seals that you need (some are sold in pairs if they appear twice on your car, like molded door seals or pillar post window seals) or you can purchase a weather strip kit that will contain all the strips needed for an entire area of your vehicle. This is particularly useful for convertible top weather strips where you might need seals for the roof rail, the side front, side rear and rear bow of your convertible top.

The weather strips sold by TopsOnline come with a 15-year replacement warranty, so you can trust our seals to do their job for years to come. They have CAD-designed shape and contours for a factory-original fit to your specific Plymouth, with notices, clips, ridges and more to line-up properly. They also have CNC technology and micro-closed cells for proper compression and a flawless, smooth look that will help you finish your weather stripping job with quality.

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