Oldsmobile Rubber Weatherstrips

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When your Olds gets old, you'll want to check your weather stripping to see if they are in need of replacing. Weather strips are found at the seams of your vehicle and help separate and seal the gaps between parts of your car. They are found at the edges of the doors, windows, trunk, windshield and convertible top. When weather seals are in good working order, they will be pliable and cushioned to the touch so that when they are in action they provide a tight seal to keep out water, air and road noise. Because they "seal" the seams of your vehicle, weather strips can also be called weather seals.

If your weather strips are not working well or are cracked or tearing, then you'll want to replace them. You can save money by purchasing just the strips that you need and many weather strips are sold individually or in pairs for the specific area of your vehicle that needs new stripping, like molded door seals, roof rails, trunk or pillar post seals. However, if the seals in one area of your vehicle are in bad shape, chances are that the other seals in your vehicle should be inspected for replacement as well. If you find this is the case, then you can save money by purchasing a weather strip replacement kit, which contains many seals for an entire area of your car, like the convertible top.

Quality weather stripping should be durable and last for years. The strips sold by TopsOnline are made to factory-original standards and come with a 15-year replacement warranty. They use the latest CAD and CNC technology to have proper 3D fit and contouring for your Oldsmobile so you can trust any cuts, shaping, notches or clips will line up. Our weather seals are also smooth, free of flaws or debris and their micro-closed cells will give the right compression for years of quality wear on your Oldsmobile.

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