Mercury Rubber Weatherstrips

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As your Mercury ages, you will want to keep an eye out for how well your weather stripping is working. Weather strips create a barrier between the inside and outside of your vehicle and between different parts that need to have any gaps sealed. They do the important job of keeping rain, wind and noise out of your car, so the inside does not become damaged by water and dirt, so that you have a comfortable ride. Weather strips are often called weather seals because they fill the gaps, sealing your Mercury from the elements.

When you're seals are not doing their job, you'll want to replace them with new weather stripping. Stripping is sold in kits, like for the 67-68 Mercury Cougar hardtop, and also individually sold like pillar post, molded door, molded roof, roof rails, trunk and windshield seals.

Weather strips sold by TopsOnline are made to factory-original specifications for a proper fit. They are made with quality materials for a smooth, clean look. Our seals come with a 15-year replacement warranty so you can trust them to do their job for years to come. They use the latest CAD and CNC technology that creates micro-closed cells that provide proper compression and wear year after year, making them a great investment.

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