Mercedes Benz Rubber Weatherstrips

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If you are like most of our customers, you love your Mercedes and want to keep it looking great as long as you can. One area that is sometimes left unconsidered is the weather stripping on your Benz. Weather stripping does the important job of filling the gaps and cushioning between some parts of your car, like the doors, windows and even your convertible top frame. When in good working order weather strips will seal out moisture (rain, snow and water), air and noise so your interior is comfortable and not corrupted by the elements. Since weather strips "seal" the interior, they are often called "weather seals" instead.

The best way to repair your automotive weather stripping is to replace it with brand new weather strips. Mercedes Benz replacement weather strips come in kits, great for replacing all the seals related to an area of your car, like the convertible top frame seals, or you can purchase weather strips individually (often pairs). Some common individual replacement weather strips are the front header strip, side front, side back, rear bow seals and top well (tonneau-lid) seals, as well as molded door seals.

Weather stripping sold by TopsOnline meets factory-original specifications and will have proper 3D contouring for your Benz with any applicable holes, notches, clips and details needed to give an exact fit. Our weather seals come with a 15-year replacement warranty and use the latest CAD and CNC mill technology with micro-closed cells so you get smooth, compression without visible flaws or gaps, ensuring your seals look and function great for years to come.

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