Lincoln Rubber Weatherstrips

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After time, you may notice that your Lincoln isn't as tight of a ship as it once was. One area that may need some TLC are the weather strips of your car. Weather strips are the cushioned and pliable seals that separate parts of your vehicle and help fill the gaps and provide a seal at the seams. They keep water, air and noise out of your vehicle and when they are damaged or old, weather strips can let the elements in, risking damage. Since weather strips do the job of sealing the car tight, they are sometimes called "weather seals".

Lincoln weather strips are sold in individual parts (sometimes those parts are in pairs though) or in replacement kits for an entire area of your car, like the strips needed to seal a convertible tight against your Lincoln. TopsOnline offers the most popular weather strips individually for pillar posts (pair), molded door seals (pair), rear top-pad seals and window vent seals (pair).

TopsOnline only supplies the highest quality weather strips that are made to fit your vehicle to factory-original specifications for great fit. They come with a 15-year replacement warranty and have a smooth and clean look without manufacturing debris or flaws. They also have a contoured, 3D fit so you can ensure they work perfectly for your year, make and model with any grooves, notches or bends aligning properly. Our weather strips also have micro-closed cells so they give proper compression and pliability that you will be happy with for years to come.

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