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Ford Rubber Weatherstrips

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TopsOnline carries weather strips and weather stripping kits for your vintage and modern Ford convertibles and hardtops. Weather strips are sometimes referenced as weather seals because they "seal" out the elements. They are called strips because they often come in long, thin sections that look like strips.

Weather strips are important to keep the outside, outside -- so rain, wind and dirt stay on the exterior and don't work their way into your vehicle at its seams. Your car has weather stripping in any location that opens and closes, like the convertible frame, the windows, the doors and the trunk. Some weather strips, like door, trunk and window gaskets, are also applicable to hardtop models like the Galaxie Hardtop Fastback and Fairlane Hardtop.

When shopping for weather strips you will want to purchase seals that are of the highest quality, so your vehicle doesn't sustain damage from leaks caused by low quality materials or construction. Seals sold by TopsOnline are of the highest quality and meet or exceed OEM standards. Our factory-original weather stripping styles come with a 15-year warranty and have smooth construction with proper 3D contouring. They wear and compress evenly due to their CAD and CNC created design that has micro-closed cells for best durability.

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