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Chevrolet Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather seals are an important part of a vehicle because they help keep your car sealed tight against elements like rain and wind and keep them from getting into your car -- especially at seams like doors, windows and around your convertible top. Because weather seals are sold in long strips, they are often called weather stripping. TopsOnline carries weather strips for your vintage and modern Chevy convertibles and hardtops. Some strips are sold in kits, but individual strips can also be purchased.

When weather strips get old or damaged they can allow rain, wind and dirt to get inside your car, causing further damage. Damaged weather strips also contribute to increased road noise. Weather strips can easily be replaced and should be if they are not forming a tight seal. Your vehicle has weather stripping in any location that opens and closes, like the convertible frame, the windows, the doors and the trunk. Some weather strips, like door, trunk and window gaskets, are also applicable to hardtop models like the Chevy II, Nova, Impala, Malibu, Chevelle, El Camino, Caprice, Camaro, Monte Carlo, Bel Air, Biscayne, Brookwood, Kingsman and Townsman. T-Top models like Corvette, Camaro, Fisher, Monte Carlo and Camaro will also need seals.

Not all weather seals are created equal in quality, but you can trust the strips sold by TopsOnline to meet or exceed OEM standards and fit. All TopsOnline weather seals come with a 15-year warranty for lasting performance that is guaranteed. Our seals are free from visual blemishes and have smooth 3D contouring. They are made with CAD and CNC technology, which helps create micro-closed cells that are durable and have excellent performance and pliability.

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