BMW Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips are an important part of a BMW's construction and help to seal the car from outside air and water. They are commonly found along any opening in the car, like convertible top frame, doors, windows and trunks. Since weather strips "seal" the interior of the car from the elements, they are sometimes referred to as weather seals.

If your weather stripping is damaged or worn out, you can purchase new strips to replace them with. TopsOnline sells BMW weather stripping in kits and also in individual areas. Some weather stripping kits are specifically made for replacing convertible top weather seals and others include convertible top and window/door seals. Individual strips can be sold for headers, rails, bows, trunks, doors and windows. New weather strips will help create a smooth and snug seal around the edge of the convertible top frame and the body of the vehicle. Some weather seals are applicable to hard-top vehicles (not convertibles). Specifically the window, door and trunk seals.

TopsOnline carries weather strips that are made to OEM standards and fit for BMW models. Our BMW weather strips use the latest technology, for a smooth look and feel, free of exposed cells or flaws and with proper 3D contouring. Our weather strips also are durable and have even compression due to the micro-closed cells, helping your protect your vehicle for years to come.

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