Rolls Royce Landau Vinyl Tops

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Rolls Royce Replacement Vinyl Tops

This iconic brand released one model with a vinyl landau top during the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's: the Silver Spur. This full sized luxury vehicle came with an option for a full vinyl topped roof that covered the roof from the front windshield to down the back pillar posts. The Silver Spur was a long-wheel base version of the Silver Spirit and came in various deck widths: 35, 35.5, 36 and 37, so when replacing a vinyl landau top on the Silver Spur, you'll want to measure the between the seams on the roof (side to side) to ensure you get the properly fitting replacement vinyl.

Factory Original Style and Details

This replacement vinyl top comes with all the original factory details and uses a precise pattern to ensure it fits each wheelbase correctly. The stitching is the same as the factory with two seams running along the roof that are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed. The material is British Everflex Vinyl which is true to original. Your new vinyl top will help you restore the beauty to this great vehicle.

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