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Plymouth Replacement Vinyl Tops

Vinyl tops came on many vehicles from the ' 60's through the ' 80's and Plymouth joined other manufacturers in the trend. These vinyl covered roofs are also called landau tops. Most Plymouths had full landau vinyl tops that started at the front windshield and covered the entire roof and down the back pillar posts. However, Plymouth had two exceptions. First, was the Sapporo, which had a unique ½ landau top that started at the front windshield and stopped midway down the roof before the pillar posts. Most half landau designs has a metal roof in the front and the vinyl in the back, as in the case of the other exception, the Plymouth Reliant K. The Reliant K also offered a full landau top, in addition to the traditional half landau top that covered the back portion of the roof. The Reliant K also was unique because it had french stitched seams that were double stitched and left exposed. The rest of the Plymouth fleet with vinyl roofs had seams along the edges of the roof that were stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so the stitching is not exposed.

Factory Original Style and Details

All of the replacement vinyl tops that are offered by TopsOnline are made to be factory original replacements, so they will have the same fit, look and details as the original tops that came on each Plymouth. The texture of these vinyl tops is the original Levant Grain Vinyl made on a quality Haartz vinyl with fleece backing. Shopping with TopsOnline can take the stress out of worrying if your new vinyl will be cut properly and look right on your vehicle because our tops are meant to match up to factory standards to get your car back to it's showroom glory.

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