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Mercury Replacement Vinyl Tops

Landau tops were popular with some automakers as an accent trim option. They generally came in full landau styles where vinyl material was on top of the entire metal roof and even down the sides of the back pillar posts. Mercury used vinyl tops on many of their vehicles from the 1960's through the early 1980's. Some Mercury's also had an option for a half landau top where the vinyl started midway down the roof and down to the pillar posts. This half landau top was an option for the Cougar, the Marquis, the Montego and the Monarch.

Factory Original Specifications, Materials and Fit

All of the replacement vinyl landau tops that we carry are made to original factory designs so they not only are a precise fit, but have the same stitching, textures and features of the original. Our vinyl tops are made of Haartz vinyl with a fleece backing and have the original texture, Levant Grain Vinyl, for an exact match. We also carry the original colors so you can swap out your old top for a brand new one that looks just like it.

Mercury Vinyl Top Variations

We even work with the nuances of Mercury models through the years. For example, the Comet, Montclair, Monterey, Parklane and the Montego have varying deck widths for their models, so we offer vinyl tops in different sizes to accommodate those variations. Some Mercury models also changed up the stitching styles that were used from hidden, heat sealed seams to french seams that were double stitched and visible. The Monarch offered both stitching options for some of their model years. For the Cougar, Mercury outsourced the production of some of their vehicles during 1986 through 1995 to E & G and also Evans, who were in charge of their conversion. We have replacement tops for those years of vehicles as well.

If you have questions when shopping for any of our Mercury vinyl tops, please let our Customer Service team and we'll be happy to assist you in your purchase.

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