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Dodge Replacement Vinyl Tops

From the 1960's to the 1980's, Dodge joined many other automobile companies in offering a hard-top vehicle that came with a vinyl roof covering the outside. These were reminiscent of the first motor cars that carried the carriage-style landau roof, so are still sometimes called landau tops today.

Dodge offered mostly full landau tops that had vinyl starting at the front window and going all the way back to cover the back pillar posts. Some models, like the Monaco, Charger, Magnum Aries and 400 Series also offered a half-landau top that started at the middle post (B pillar) and covered all the way down the back pillars. The 1988 Dynasty is notable because it was only offered in a half vinyl top and even more interesting was the 1975-1976 Dodge Coronet, which had a half top that started at the front windshield and stopped halfway back on the roof.

Vinyl Textures for Dodge Tops

Another interesting option with Dodge vinyl tops is the texture of the vinyl roofing material. Some models, like the Dart Swinger, Polaro, Coronet, Super Bee, Charger, Challenger, Demon and Dart, were originally offered in Boar Grain Vinyl and all other models came in the Levant Grain Vinyl. TopsOnline offers the original materials based on what Dodge released specific to each model. Both textures are made by Haartz and come with a soft, fleece backing.

Seam and Stitch Details

Seam stitching also varied throughout the decades with Dodge. They started out with all tops coming with two seams along the sides of the roof, that were stitched and then folded over and heat-sealed, so that the stitching did not show. During the late-1970's many of Dodge's vehicles started using french stitched seams that were double stitched with the stitching exposed or visible. All of the tops offered by TopsOnline maintain the original seam and stitching style that was used by Dodge when the vehicle was first released.

Vehicle Width Differences

One final nuances of some Dodge vinyl tops is the deck width on some vehicles. The Challenger, for example, came in different deck widths and you'll need to ensure that you are buying the width that matches your vehicle. They came in both 42.5"� and 36" decks (as well as a larger one, that you can contact us to fit). The St. Regis also has a specified fit with a 45" deck. Our experts are happy to help you choose the right top if you have a question.

Factory Original Styles

All of the tops offered by TopsOnline are made to original Dodge patterns, stitches and materials so that you can have a replacement that matches the style of the original.

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