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Cadillac Replacement Vinyl Tops

One of the great looks on Cadillacs through the years has been the use of the vinyl landau top. In essence, this took the regular metal roofed Caddy and covered part or all of it in vinyl material, giving it the air of a convertible, but the function of a hardtop.

Some Cadillacs, like the Calais, have a full vinyl top that starts on the front top windshield and extends all the way back to the trunk and down the side quarter panels. Sometimes, this arrangement is called a full vinyl top or cabriolet top, but common language will reference this still as a landau top. Other Cadillac models have a half vinyl landau top configuration where the vinyl does not start to cover the metal roof until the midsection of the roof.

Surprisingly, most Cadillac models have both full vinyl landau top configurations and half vinyl landau top configurations. In these instances there are both full vinyl landau versions and also half vinyl landau versions, so purchasing a replacement landau top requires choosing the one that matches your specific Cadillac model: full or half vinyl landau tops. This holds true for Cadillac models like the Fleetwood, El Dorado and Coupe DeVille.

Cadillac landau tops will be cut with specific fitment for 2-door models and 4-door models, so please make note of this option when selecting a replacement landau top for your Cadillac. Fleetwood and Calias models came in 2-door and 4-door, so this will be important when shopping for tops for these specific vehicles.

Unique Cadillac Vinyl Top Features

One additional distinction that Cadillac made with their usage of vinyl landau tops is to vary whether the model package had a pillar post or not. A pillar post is the vertical support and separator found between the front and back passenger windows. If the Cadillac has a pillar post, then it is referenced as a "sedan" and a vinyl landau top will be cut specifically to account for that window configuration. Without a pillar post the Cadillac is referenced as a "hardtop" and has continuous side-window glass from the front windshield to the back quarter panels and the landau top will be cut for precise fitment. This package difference is relevant for Cadillac El Dorado, Fleetwood and Calais models.

Factory Original Style for Replacements

Through the years, factory-installed vinyl tops may show age through holes, thinning or discoloration or may fray and pull up at the edges adding age to your Cadillac. Renew the look of your vehicle by installing a brand new vinyl landau top adding an immediate face lift to your Cadillac and its original beauty. TopsOnline looks forward to helping you get your Cadillac in the premier condition it deserves.

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